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Bob Zavredo Q and A

In this post I want to share with you some questions and answers I collated from the people around me to provide you with a little introduction about myself, about my work and about why I started this very website in the first place.

Why start this website now?

After making significant progress with my writing it felt like the right time to share with the world what I am working on prior to its full release. I figured that if I just publish my book without sharing anything or without having any connection with my audience then that does not make a lot of sense. I want to make people as excited as I am about my stories and to share my journey from its humble beginnings and to show glimpses of what they can expect. Perhaps I can even receive some valuable feedback and insights along the way by doing so, to help improve my work.

Are you doing this for some publisher or organization?

No, I am currently working independently from any publisher or organization. I do not foresee any change to this arrangement in the near future as well, as I greatly enjoy the idea of creative independence and to have the freedom to control what will happen with my work.

Where do you come from?

If you mean where I was born then that was in the Netherlands. I have lived in several European countries, but have been living in the UK for nearly a decade now.

What do you write about?

I have mainly been working on a series of science fiction novels. I write about things that interest me in relation to science, technology, history, myths and legends and to turn those topics into an immersive narrative that may appeal to a wider audience.

To give one example, I am currently also working on a story surrounding the disappearance of a Victorian era merchant ship off the coast of Northern Ireland where a strange mythical island would have existing according to medieval maps. I like to turn these type of nearly forgotten historic events and myths into a science fictional character driven narrative to bring them to life if you will.

Did you write anything else before?

I have written several short stories and made an educational two-language story as a teenager once. But none of which that are still available to the public or I am particularly proud of. I like to refer to them as experiments for the journey I am currently embarking on.

Is your work any different from what is already out there?

If I was merely copying others I would not feel I should be entering the crowded arena of science fiction books out there. I believe my stories to be unique, compelling, offering brand new exciting characters, and providing a new type of science fiction that blends with other genres like fantasy in a way that has not been made so far. I would also not describe my work as purely science fiction for this reason as well, but if it has to be given a label the science fiction label would fit best.

Who is your audience?

I like to think my audience is broad, but I expect those with an interest in science fiction, fantasy, history, adventure and generally those with an open mind to enjoy my books the most.

When will your work be published and where will it be available?

I do not have any specific publication dates yet, but when I have I will definitely share this. Generally speaking I hope to make my first book available in the next year or so, but there is still much to do before that and I do not want to be to constrained by any hard deadline yet.

As I live in the UK, I also expect to make my books available in the UK first. After which other countries in Europe and the rest of the world could follow.

What can be expected to be shared in the future about your work?

I want to share some of the writing I have been doing so far, but also some of my ideas and thoughts behind my work and the creative process. I obviously do not want to spoil the whole stories I have, but to provide some glimpses of what I am working on without spoilers on the plot are to be expected.

What is your final goal?

My final goal is to share my science fiction stories with the world, which I believe to be my life work. I hope that by doing so to have even the slightest influence in opening people’s mind about the past, present and future and to improve the direction we are headed as a species. If even a single person will enjoy my books and takes something out of them, I will be satisfied.

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